Formulas Infused With The Power Of Nature

Of The Ancients formulas contain highly effective natural plant ingredients used throughout global cultures for thousands of years for their powerful abilities believed by ancient cultures to be divine.

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    Made In An FDA-Registered U.S. cGMP Facility

    We're obsessed with quality. Of The Ancients™ formulas use only wild harvested or selectively cultivated herbs, and are lab tested for purity with zero toxic additives or preservatives.

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    Master Herbalist Formulated

    Our easy to take liquid tinctures are crafted with generations of experience. Unlike most tinctures and liquid extracts, the proprietary process behind our formulas is 100% alcohol free and is designed for fast absorption of highly concentrated ingredients.

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    25% Of Profits Donated to Nonprofit Organizations

    We are making an impact with our high quality natural formulas. We donate 25% of all profits to non-profit organizations that support Native American and First Nations Peoples and provide education on
    traditional systems.

"I’m very conscious about what I put into my body so I’m extremely thankful for the clean ingredients and happy to have found something that has improved my quality of life!"

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Of The Ancients Enlightened Warrior herbal tincture blend ingredients yerba mate, rhodiola rosea, maca root, American ginseng root, golden sage, bay leaf, bottle and herbal blend ingredients list

6 Super Herbal Supplements In 1 Formula

The only formula with 6 ancient super herbal extracts like yerba mate and rhodiola rosea created with a proprietary multi-generational liquid herbal extraction process. The result: an herbal blend that is beyond any single herb included in the dynamic Enlightened Warrior liquid extract formulation - master herbalist crafted for maximum benefit.†

Each Serving Helps Support:

🔥 Increased energy, vitality & stamina†

🧠 Natural mood & wellness†

⚡Healthy hormone balance†

🫀 Wellness and immune function†

🎯Motivation & productivity

🔋Natural & clean pre-workout

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Plants Once Considered 'Gifts of the Gods'

For thousands of years, herbal ingredients believed be gifts of the gods were the primary source of healing†. From Ancient Greece to Native American tradition, these ‘divine gifts’ were used for millennia to traditionally support health and vitality†. By the early 20th century, pharmacies began dispensing liquid vitamins and minerals in dropper bottles.

Of The Ancients™ proprietary formulations honor the wisdom of the ancients by bringing together the most effective master-herbalist-selected ingredients into unique formulas that cannot be found anywhere else. The proprietary creation process behind Of The Ancients™ Enlightened Warrior delivers highly concentrated ingredients that retain their beneficial compounds for maximum absorption, without the use of any alcohol that may have denaturing or inert rendering effects*.

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Of The Ancients™ High Quality Promise Checklist ✅

Produced In the USA In An FDA-Registered cGMP Facility

We're obsessed with quality! Of The Ancients™ formulas are crafted here in the United States in an FDA-registered cGMP facility using wild harvested or selectively cultivated herbs. Our entire process follows our obsession with quality and natural results.

cGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice enforced by the FDA. As the FDA states on their website, “CGMP provides for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities.”

It's important to look for cGMP manufacturers when searching for quality health supplements. Many health supplements out there that were not made using best practices such as cGMP may have questionable ingredients, unlabeled ingredients or lack the necessary quality controls that make supplements safe.

Of The Ancients™ goes above and beyond when it comes to both sourcing and creating its proprietary formulas. Every raw ingredient is ethically sourced and tested for purity and content. Whether it’s Yerba Mate, American Ginseng Root, or Maca Root, it is important to ensure the herbal potency and quality of an herb before putting it into an herbal formula. We also consider the local impact of every ingredient chosen.

There’s a lot to be proud of when it comes to our Of The Ancients™ formulations!

Lab Tested

Of The Ancients™ formulas are always lab tested for purity, content, and follow all of our high quality standards. Lab testing is important to ensure that a source of herbal ingredients is not only safe and does not contain dangerous contaminants, but also to ensure the content of the ingredient is verified.

Today, fake ingredients and fake supplements are a real concern. Many government organizations continue to make efforts to fight fake health supplements, which sometimes contain unlabeled or mislabeled ingredients, though it is clear that it continues to be a threat to health conscious people around the world.

We use only tested and verified ingredients from reputable and whenever possible local sources for our Of The Ancients™ formulations, and recommend only purchasing health supplements from brands that follow high quality standards.

100% Alcohol Free & Additive Free

Of The Ancients™ formulas are
crafted using a proprietary alcohol-free creation process that gently and effectively prepares the herbal ingredients into a high quality liquid supplement developed for quick natural absorption.

Capsules, pills, chewables, and even alcohol-based supplements may contain potentially toxic additives such as artificial food colorings or flavorings, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, sugars, and much more. Of The Ancients™ formulations are always free of toxic additives and are 100% alcohol free, using only high quality natural sources of herbal ingredients, glycerin and water.

No GMO Ingredients

Of The Ancients™ never uses genetically modified ingredients.

Gluten Free

Of The Ancients™ are gluten free! And because they are also free of
alcohol, they do not mix with fermented grain alcohol ingredients
that could potentially carry gluten contaminants. This is in addition
to all Of The Ancients™ formulas being free of gluten-containing
ingredients. Just high quality clean ingredients!


Of The Ancients™ formulas are created for vegans! Our formulas are vegan and crafted with the highest quality natural plant ingredients.

Soy Free

Of The Ancients™ formulas are soy free.

Made In A Kosher Facility

Of The Ancients™ formulas are made in a Orthodox Union Kosher certified facility ! Please note that Enlightened Warrior is made in a Orthodox Union Kosher certified facility, but the product itself has not yet been Kosher Certified.

Halal Compliant Alcohol Free

Of The Ancients™ formulas are crafted using a proprietary alcohol-free creation process that unlike many tinctures which contain alcohol, allows for compliance with Halal standards on alcohol consumption. Please note Yerba Mate naturally contains caffeine, which is widely considered to be halal.

Master Herbalist Formulated

Of The Ancients™ formulas are specifically crafted and attuned by a Master Herbalist in the field of formulary herbalism and liquid processing technologies.

Of The Ancients™ brings together a team of experts with decades of experience to create the most powerful formulations available inspired by the gifts of the ancients and the latest advancements in research.

Wild Harvested or Selectively Cultivated Herbs

As a part of our commitment to sourcing herbs that are full of life, ethically-sourced, and perfect for inclusion in our formulations that are curated by our master herbalist, Of The Ancients™ use only ethically wild harvested or selectively cultivated herbs, which even then are lab tested for purity with zero toxic additives or preservatives.

Wild harvesting or wild-crafted means that the herbs are sourced out in fields, forests, prairies, and other areas where there are populous amounts of native herbs in healthy environments. The process entails not only sourcing the highest quality herbs, but we ensure that our herbs are ethically harvested when it comes to not only sustainability but the lands in which they are growing. Sometimes native herbs may be dwindling in the wild, and the environment may not be sustainable for wild harvesting. In addition, some native herbs may be growing in areas that are not ethical to harvest. That is why we only source ethically wild harvested herbs, which are truly wonders of nature!

With these practices in place, we are able to bring together ethically wild harvested or selectively cultivated herbs that we use in our herbal blends to deliver super herb blends that go beyond single herb extracts. Our liquid extract herbal blends like Enlightened Warrior contain 6 super herbs that are ethically wild harvested or selectively cultivated, leading to a tincture formulation that is much more than just a single rhodiola rosea
tincture, yerba mate tincture, American ginseng tincture, maca root tincture, sage leaf tincture, or bay leaf tincture – it is an herbal blend created not only by our master herbalist but using multi-generational proprietary liquid herbal extraction technology for maximized absorption and usage of the plant.

Our process is rooted in a love of nature, and so are the results!

25% Profits Donated to Charities

In respect and appreciation for indigenous cultures such as the First Nations peoples and their traditional systems of wisdom and healing, Of The Ancients™ donates 25% or more of its profits to non-profit organizations dedicated to the support and representation of indigenous peoples.

Your purchase helps support these groups in meaningful and impactful ways.

Your best workout, productivity + sustained energy, 100% naturally

6 natural supplements in 1 proprietary formula for increased energy, motivation, productivity, stamina and more. The ultimate natural & clean energy boost + pre-workout. †

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