About Of The Ancients + Our Purpose

Herbal Tinctures Infused With History And Tradition

For thousands of years, herbal preparations were the primary source of healing. From Ancient Rome and Egypt to the indigenous peoples of North and South America, plant medicines were a way of life. Every Of The Ancients™ creation is inspired by millennia of global history and ancient tradition.

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Our Mission & Making An Impact Together

We believe our modern world can benefit from the practices of our ancestors and ancient traditions that we have disconnected from. Of The Ancients™ has committed to donating 25% of all profits to non-profit organizations that both support indigenous First Nations Native American groups and provide education around ancient systems and their traditions.

Respecting & Reconnecting With Ancient Practices

"While our modern outlook has generated innumerable benefit, we have lost touch with the knowledge and practices of our ancestors. As a result, we are consciously and unconsciously longing for meaning and searching for non-mundane experiences that we often cannot find in daily contemporary life. Ancient practices have been disregarded as useless relics of the past by an ‘objective’ culture that has fractured itself as a result. Through re-integration of these practices and an awareness of the ancient wisdom society has lost, we can reap the benefits of psychological and spiritual wholeness." - Anthony Gucciardi, Of The Ancients Founder

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We're Obsessed With Quality Ingredients

Of The Ancients™ formulas use only wild harvested or selectively cultivated herbs, are crafted in an FDA-registered cGMP United States facility, and are lab tested for purity with zero toxic additives or preservatives. The proprietary process behind our formulas is 100% alcohol free and built over generations of experience.

Created With High Intention

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Anthony Gucciardi, Founder

Anthony Gucciardi is the Founder of Of The Ancients whose thoughts and writings have been featured in Forbes Magazine, Best-Selling USA Today & WSJ books, and NASDAQ Leadership classes, with over 25 million views across his online platforms’ media content, and nearly 1 million subscribers.

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Nikolette Amoros, Creative Director

Nikolette Amoros is an accomplished artist and designer with an unwavering passion for mind and body wellness. Nikolette holds an MA in Design in Health from the University of Texas and is completing her second MA in Art Therapy.

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Herb Farms, Local Partners & Artisans

The Of The Ancients™ team works with select herb farms, suppliers, local partners, and artisans such as herbalists, QA specialists, herbal extraction technology experts, to curate the highest level of intention and quality with every formulation.

In order to help guide health conscious readers, we created the Of The Ancients™ High Quality Promise Checklist that highlights some of the factors that we think are important in choosing the right natural products.