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30-50% Affiliate Revenue Share + 60 Day Cookie Length

Of The Ancients offers 30-50% affiliate revenue share in one of the most affiliate-friendly offerings available in the wellness supplement space. The Of The Ancients team has multi-decade expertise in affiliate marketing, and understands the value of strong affiliate relationships in expanding the positive impact of the Of The Ancients brand.

Of The Ancients Affiliates Receive The Following:

  • Revenue Share: 30-50%
  • Cookie Length: 60 days
  • Creatives: updated & high quality creatives supplies
  • Team Collaboration & Support: optimize your results with our experienced team members

About Of The Ancients

Of The Ancients provides proprietary natural formulas for energy, vitality, focus, cognitive function, immune support, and more using only high quality plant-based ingredients and herbs, which are lab tested for purity and created in an FDA-registered cGMP manufacturing facility in the United States. Popular products include the Enlightened Warrior energy & vitality formula, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract, Rhodiola Rosea Root, and Echinacea Root. Of The Ancients donates 25% of profits to charities that support Native American initiatives in the United States.

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Product Information & Testing

Of The Ancients™ formulas use only wild harvested or selectively cultivated herbs, are crafted in an FDA-registered cGMP United States facility, and are lab tested for purity with zero toxic additives or preservatives. Of The Ancients products are created using a pproprietary process that is entirely alcohol free.

Demographic Information

Men and women 30+ interested in natural health and wellness, herbal supplements, and alternative medicine.

Availability (US & International)

While Of The Ancients is based in the United States, we currently offer international shipping to dozens of countries. Of The Ancients Affiliate program is open to global affiliates following all relevant laws and regulations.

Of The Ancients Affiliate Program Offering

Of The Ancients Affiliate Programs offers 30-50% revenue share, 60 day cookie window, team support and collaboration, and customized special offerings for certain affiliates and partners.

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